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Meet our Deputy Principal

We pleased to announce the appointment of Deputy Principal, David Munslow. Dave has taken the time to write a bit about himself so that I could share it with you, read on to learn more about him:

Name: David (Dave) Munslow

Teaching area: Deputy Principal, Religious Education Leader, Grade 3, 4 and 5 Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for the last 10 years at Cana Catholic Primary School in Hillside. Throughout that time, I have had a wide variety of roles and experiences including in the classroom, preparing for Sacraments, working with student leaders, Interschool Sports and working with staff and parents to develop and enhance learning and teaching.

Approach to teaching and learning: Firstly, students need to feel safe and happy at school. Once students are happy to be at school, they are better equipped to experience success. To be effective learners, students need to develop a range of learning dispositions or characteristics. These include being resilient, reflective and collaborative. Developing these dispositions, along with clear communication between teachers, students and families, will help students to be engaged and successful members of the community.

Best part of being a teacher: As a teacher it is obviously very rewarding to help and see students experience success. Another rewarding and enjoyable aspect of teaching is the opportunity to have fun, build relationships and to get to know the variety of interests, skills and personalities that students bring to a school.

Why did you want to join the team at Holy Trinity? The opportunity to be part of the team at Holy Trinity has come at a perfect time for me. I am excited to grow as a teacher and leader and to be part of the Holy Trinity community as it begins and grows and how it can add to Catholic community of Sunbury in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish.

Tell us about yourself/ Interests outside of school: Most of my time outside of school is spent with my family – my wife and three kids. As a family, we enjoy heading off camping and spending time with friends and family. I love sport (I could watch pretty much anything!)  and follow too many different sporting teams. My three kids have all been Hawthorn members since the day they were born (100% their own choice) and enjoy watching the footy with me, when we are winning! I also enjoy listening to music, however, have absolutely no musical ability!

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