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Meet our Performing Arts teacher

Helena Chayna

I’ll be teaching Performing Arts (Music/Drama & Dance).

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music and Drama and have been teaching for over 30 years in schools and in the private sector in various performing arts schools. I have also worked professionally as an actor and might even have been seen in a few TV commercials! I have also worked extensively putting together various events and even won the Prime Ministers Australia Day Award for my work with the Gold Coast City Council devising and directing their Christmas Carols events for several years in a row

Tell us about your approach to teaching and learning:

I believe in educating the whole child. By this, I mean that I aim to not just teach the children my particular subject area, but how to be good people. How to live with integrity and honesty and how to be resilient in today’s world which has ever increasing pressures.

What is the best part of being a teacher?

The best part of being a teacher is the impact I can have on the lives of children. Having raised two children of my own, I know first-hand how difficult school can be for some children. I want the children to learn, but to also feel loved and accepted, no matter what their academic capabilities. They spend so much of their young lives at school, it’s important to me, that they find school a safe place with people who care about their well-being.

Why did you want to join the team at Holy Trinity?

I joined the team at Holy Trinity because I’m excited to be able to build an arts culture at the school from the ground up. To be able to share my love of the arts is a passion for me and the arts can make such a valuable contribution to a child’s education as well as their personal development. To share that with young children as they grow through the grade levels is a rare opportunity.

What are you looking forward to about teaching in a brand new school?

I’m looking forward to seeing the school grow as well as establishing a great arts program suited to the children. Also, being able to establish good discipline and work ethic from the very beginning of a new school is very exciting. 

Tell us about yourself. Your passions, your journey to this point, goals.

I am very passionate about all things to do with the arts. I teach singing and piano privately as well, and I do a dance sport in which I compete at a National level. I also perform in amateur theatre when I have time and have been running my own youth theatre company outside of school hours; so, you could say I’m all about the arts!

What are you interests outside of school life?

I have a gorgeous family; my husband and a 22yr old boy and almost 19yr old girl. Both of the kids are into the arts as well. I love spending time with them and going on holidays when we can! I also love seeing anything theatre! We are so lucky in Melbourne to be spoilt by live theatre, so I take advantage whenever I can.

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