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What are the Holy Trinity Touchstones?

The Holy Trinity “Touchstones” are the learning dispositions that we believe every child should aspire to live in action. The children will unpack the touchstones as they are embedded into our school culture.

At Holy Trinity we believe thinking, learning and innovation can take place anywhere, anyhow, anytime; because we can…

Have Integrity

  • I am responsible for my own choices
  • I know the difference between right and wrong

Be Optimistic

  • I have hope for the future
  • I have a sense of confidence and belief in my own ability

Be Persistent

  • I am motivated to achieve my goals
  • I am willing to try in the face of challenge

Be Creative

  • I am curious to discover new possibilities
  • I solve problems by being flexible and adaptable in my thinking

Be Collaborative

  • I communicate effectively with others
  • I am respectful of the ideas and contributions of others

Be Reflective

  • I have self awareness
  • I reflect on my own actions and experiences to construct meaning
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