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Gallivan House (Green House)

Fr John Gallivan was the first Parish Priest of Sunbury from 1911 to 1923, as well as serving the local community for over 45 years. As Parish Priest, Fr Gallivan built the addition of the bell tower to the church at Mt Carmel, to call parishioners to Mass and prayer. Fr Gallivan welcomed the Sisters of St Josephs to Sunbury and personally donated the land for the convent to be built on, which still exists today. Fr Gallivan died in June 1939 and was laid to rest at the Sunbury Cemetery.

Fr Gallivan inspires us to make the world a better place, just as he made Sunbury a better place for his parishioners.

Gallivan House will work towards looking after the environment, especially in our local community.

Glowrey House (White House)

Glowrey House is named after an amazing woman named Dr Sr Mary Glowrey (1887-1957).Dr Sr Mary Glowrey was an Australian born and educated doctor who spent 37 years in India, where she set up healthcare facilities, services and systems. She is believed to be the first Catholic Religious Sister to practise as a doctor. The Catholic Church has put Dr Sr Glowrey on the path to becoming Australia’s second saint, after the canonisation of Sister Mary MacKillop in 2010.

Dr Sr Mary Glowrey inspires us to make the world a better place just as she made the world a much better place by helping sick and needy people in India.

Glowrey House will work towards making the world a better place by promoting better health and wellbeing for all people, especially people in Sunbury.

MacKillop House (Blue House)

Saint Mary MacKillop lived from 1842 to 1909. She devoted her life to helping the poor, old, sick and homeless. She was a teacher and a nun and became Australia’s first Saint in 2010. As a teacher, Mary MacKillop opened a school in Penola, South Australia, for poor children who didn’t have the money to pay to go to school. Once she became a nun, she opened many Josephite schools which provided free Catholic education.

Mary MacKillop also opened an orphanage in Adelaide for children who had no one to look after them and a house where poor people could stay.

Saint Mary MacKillop inspires us to be kind and to care for and help others in need.

The focus of MacKillop House is Education. We will work towards helping those who need assistance in accessing education and educational resources, not only locally but globally!

McIntosh House (Red House)

Fr Kevin McIntosh has been the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Sunbury, for the last 11 years. Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School was his dream and he has worked for the last six years to create our school. Fr Kevin wanted to create Holy Trinity because he saw the local area was fast growing and there was a need for another Catholic Primary School for the families in our community. Our house colour is red, recognising Fr Kevin’s favourite football team, the Sydney Swans.

Fr Kevin wants to help grow and develop the community so McIntosh House has a strong focus on our local community. This includes helping different groups within the community such as the elderly, the sick, the disadvantaged, refugees and the Indigenous community. We want to work together with the community to help everyone to be safe, happy and connected as a community.

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