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At Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, we are committed to supporting all children in the development of literacy skills and knowledge as they grow to become competent and confident communicators.

All our children develop their understandings and skills in all areas of the English curriculum in order to fully participate in the modern world as active and engaged citizens who appreciate and enjoy the English language, using it proficiently.

Our English curriculum is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum and is organised into three dimensions:

  1. Reading & Viewing
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking & Listening.

Within these broad areas skills and strategies taught include:

  • Reading texts with fluency and phrasing
  • Comprehending (both literally and inferentially) texts read, viewed and listened to
  • Composing, editing and publishing written and spoken texts
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Handwriting
  • The use of technology as a means of communication
  • Oral language activities including oral presentations and performances
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We have adopted a school-wide approach to literacy teaching and learning where children are engaged in rich and meaningful learning experiences with consistency of practice evident from Foundation to Year Six.

Our Literacy program is personalised to address the needs and interests of all children within the classroom through a range of individual, small group and whole class activities. Ongoing monitoring of student achievements assists teachers to identify student needs and to set goals for future learning in collaboration with each individual child.

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