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At Holy Trinity Catholic Primary much of our focus has been on co-creating an environment and conditions where the children attending Holy Trinity can flourish. Ensuring the wellbeing of our children and teaching our children to be adaptable is very much a part of our school vision and given us a clear direction in creating our school culture.

In our positive school community every face has a place, every voice is valued and everyone has something to contribute. Our positive school community creates opportunities for all our students, families and staff to feel included and to belong to such a vibrant and dynamic place.

Holy Trinity is committed to the development of the whole person; spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically to enable each child to reach his/her true potential. This philosophy is embedded in all aspects of the curriculum and in specific programs designed to promote wellbeing.


We truly believe that “we want our children to be the best for the world not in the world

A Downie
Project Thrive: 2018

​Our aim is to support our students to manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others, to understand the world in which they live and to act effectively in that world.

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