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Facilities, Stage 1

Hi families and friends of Holy Trinity,

I am delighted to be able to share with you more information about Holy Trinity’s new school facilities included in Stage 1 of the development.

The first stage will include flexible classrooms, a multipurpose court for activities such as netball, basketball and other fun games, a grassed play area and a wonderful adventure playground! No doubt, the children will be thrilled to experience these spaces and make them feel like their own. You can see by the image above the shape of the building and how it’s intended to be used. Or to view the virtual school tour visit our website.

The next stage of development will extend beyond the teaching and learning spaces, and include a multipurpose hall and sports facilities.

Additionally, an architectural landscaper has been employed to design a safe and engaging playing space.

We’re striving to create spaces for the children, staff and our families where they will be happy each day. Please encourage your family and friends to sign up for ongoing updates as together we build our new school community.

Kind regards,

Krystine Hocking, Principal


Catholic Primary School | Sunbury

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