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Mindfulness Resources and Links


Growth Mindset Episode 1: A Secret about the Brain

Growth Mindset Episode 2: The Magic of Mistakes

Growth Mindset Episode 3: The Incredible Power of Yet

Growth Mindset Episode 4: The Mysterious World of Neurons

Growth Mindset Episode 5: Mojo Puts It All Together

Resources To Use At Home

The following resources may be useful to support children and parents during this challenging time and as we move to Remote and Flexible Learning.

What is the Coronavirus? A Resource for kids


Calm Down Strategies for Kids (and adults!)

Calmdown strategies for kids and parent and carer information

What are your top 5 worries?

My Top 5 worries

Star Chart Reward Template

star charts

Emotional Thermometer

My Emotional Thermometer

My Feelings Meter

My Feelings Meter

My Many Colored Days by Dr Suess

Other Wellbeing and Mindfulness Resources

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