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Visual Literacy – Thalu

Visual Literacy Study

To celebrate Reconciliation Week and our honourable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, watch Thalu, episode 1.

Write about the following:

  • How do the children work together on their journey?
  • What do the Elder women tell the children they must do?

Thinking about the creator of this TV series, find out:

  • Who created this? Was it a company? Was it an individual? (If so, who?)
  • Why did they make it? Was it to inform you of something that happened in the world (for example, a news story)?
  • Who is the message for? Is it for kids? Grown-ups? Girls? Boys? People who share a particular interest? Why do you think that?

Behind the News (BTN): Behind the News explores news using the current language, trendy music and popular culture of youths. The programme explains the basic concepts that underpin the issues and events, while also providing background information in the hopes that children will take an interest.

Kids News: is a ready-to go literacy resource for teachers using current daily news stories for students in the classroom.

Nine Letter Word: Generate your own digital Boggle boards!


Religious Education

To Know, Worship and Love: To Know, Worship and Love is designed to support learning in Religious Education. Students are able to login using their school Google Account by entering their school email and password.


States of Matter Games

Science MAX: Solids, Liquids, Gases Experiments

Matter - Solids, Liquids, Gases

Other Learning Areas – Reconciliation Week

Welcome To Country Ceremonies

History Mysteries Units

Username: HistoryHolyTrinity
Password: History145

Australian History Mysteries: Lake Mungo: There are many mysteries associated with the famous Lake Mungo archaeological site in southern NSW that will help students to explore important issues about ancient Australian history. Some of these are: How old are the Lake Mungo people and how do we know? Why were Mungo Lady and Mungo Man buried in these ways? What was life lat Lake Mungo like? What should be done with the Lake Mungo human remains? And many more.  This . new case study helps students to understand what Lake Mungo was, and how it became what it is today.  

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