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Visual Literacy Study - Generating Electricity, Science Max

Writing Prompts

RHL - Writing Grid Promt

Behind the News (BTN): Behind the News explores news using the current language, trendy music and popular culture of youths. The programme explains the basic concepts that underpin the issues and events, while also providing background information in the hopes that children will take an interest.

Kids News: is a ready-to go literacy resource for teachers using current daily news stories for students in the classroom.

Nine Letter Word: Generate your own digital Boggle boards!


Numbers Game

Religious Education

To Know, Worship and Love: To Know, Worship and Love is designed to support learning in Religious Education. Students are able to login using their school Google Account by entering their school email and password.


Circuit Construction Tool

Circuit Construction Tool: Experiment with an electronics kit! Build circuits with batteries, resistors, light bulbs, fuses, and switches!

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